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Offering Unplugged and Experiential Retreats to Inspire the Writer or Foodie Within.

Outdoor Writing Retreats

Connect to something greater than the internet – leave your smart phone, tablet, and computer at home and let the outdoors spark your creative side. This is a great opportunity to inspire Poets, Novelists, Creative Writers, Memoirists, Bloggers, or Personal Journaling.

Experiential Local Venue Writing Retreats

Join us for a day or half day in a new setting – a local microbrewery, small farm, coffeehouse – where new perspectives and inspiration flow freely. Become acquainted with and support a local business. This is a good opportunity to explore some new and interesting topics for your professional writing or Blog.

Kitchen Retreats

Gather with friends, colleagues, or fellow foodies in a kitchen to learn something new, refine an old favorite, or exercise your group/leadership/confidence skills.

Outdoor Writing Retreat includes:


  • Breakfast treats and light lunch made with seasonal, local ingredients.
  • An interesting setting to inspire your creative side.
  • Time, space, and the company of fellow writers.

Pricing varies with location and time of year.

Experiential Venue Retreat includes:


  • Food and beverage menu items for order, available through venue.
  • Space and time in a new setting to spark your creative side.
  • Time spent with other writers to share experiences and support each other’s work.
  • Custom behind the scenes tour of venue.

Pricing varies with venue and time of year.

Kitchen Retreats Include

  • Shared meal prepared by group.
  • Food ingredients for meal.
  • May include trip to farm, farmers’ market, or garden to choose ingredients.
  • Hands-on instruction in the kitchen in preparing the meal.
  • Working together with other cooks to build cooperation, teamwork, confidence, and camaraderie.
  • Kitchen experience to take home and share with family and friends.

Pricing varies with menu, shopping trip, and kitchen location.